CS Offices And Locations 2

We’re quick to respond with our network of over 2500 fully licensed tradespeople across Australia

We recognise the importance of engaging the right trade for the right job in the right location. Our network is accurately geo-coded to minimise delays in site attendance and to support local communities.

We actively seek out tradespeople who share our vision and values, with a comprehensive induction program ensuring every trade is not only experienced, but fully licensed, insured and compliant with workplace health, safety and welfare procedures. In addition, police background checks are undertaken on each individual tradesperson. 

The size and capabilities of our trade network enables us to rapidly respond in catastrophic weather-related events. We can provide pre-agreed dedicated sole-use trades for large claim volume events to guarantee response times, trade availability and cost containment. 

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New South Wales

Builders Registration 236945C.

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Builders Registrations CDB-U 49220 & CCB-U 58107.

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Australian Capital Territory

Builders Registration 2011589.

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Builders Registration 1206365.

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South Australia

Builders Registration BLD 238530.

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Western Australia

Builders Registration BC 13655.

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Northern Territory

Builders Registration 265622CU.

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Builders Registration 581592409.